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Rahdue’s Wheel: An Introduction

If you’ve been looking for a 78-card Tarot spread in order to use all the cards in the deck in a reading, I have the spread for you. Rahdue’s Wheel uses every single card of the Tarot. Personally, I’m unable to lay down all the cards on any surface using a regularly-sized deck, so I bought a keychain-size Tarot deck just for Rahdue’s Wheel.

This spread was first published in Tarot: Handbook for the Journeyman by Eileen Connolly, although she implied that it was around before then. Rahdue’s Wheel is meant to help the querent access past-life insight and inner wisdom. Connolly recommended Rahdue’s Wheel as an alternative to meditation for those who struggle with the practice. This reading can take several hours to get through, so I agree that you will get “in the zone” if you do it correctly.

Prior to the reading, the querent/client should write down a list of questions. They cannot go past nine. The list of questions is kept a secret from the reader until the last section of the reading, The Malkuth Block. I recommend that this be done while the reader is laying out the cards.

When laying down the cards, the nine cards in The Malkuth Block should not be facing up. The Inner Wheel — Present: Cards 1–12 The Center Wheel — Future: Cards 14–26 The Outer Wheel — Past: Cards 27–38 Dagim Block: Cards 40–49 Pillar of Taleh: Cards 50–59 Pillar of Shor: Cards 60–69 Malkuth Block: Cards 70–78

SOLIDIFIERS Card 13 — Solidifies the Inner Wheel — Direction resulting from the present Card 26 — Solidifies the Center Wheel — Direction into the future Card 39 — Solidifies the Outer Wheel — Result of past activity Card 49 — Solidifies the Dagim Block — Key for the present life Card 59 — Solidifies the Pillar of Taleh — Key to knowledge Card 69 — Solidifies the Pillar of Shor — Key to open A note: All court cards in this spread represent real people.

THE INNER WHEEL Begin the reading with the inner wheel. The first card will be placed at the 1 o’clock position. Place cards in a circle until you reach the 12 o’clock position. The 13th (solidifier) card is placed directly under the 12th card. Each card in the wheel represents an area of life. If you’re familiar with the houses in astrology, these positions will be easy to memorize. Card 1: Inner self, karmic path Card 2: Security and relationships Card 3: Plans, ideas, philosophies Card 4: Background, parents, home Card 5: Hopes, desires, pleasures Card 6: Health concerns Card 7: Partners, loved ones Card 8: The Mystic Symbol, portrays potential gains Card 9: Distance, travel Card 10: Karmic Amplitude — life’s work Card 11: True desire for self and others (community) Card 12: The subconscious

THE CENTER WHEEL Once you get to the Center Wheel, each placement is the same as the first. You’re just reading the cards for the future instead of the present. Card 14: Inner self, karmic path Card 15: Security and relationships Card 16: Plans, ideas, philosophies Card 17: Background, parents, home Card 18: Hopes, desires, pleasures Card 19: Health concerns Card 20: Partners, loved ones Card 21: The Mystic Symbol, portrays potential gains (combine meaning with Card 8) Card 22: Distance, travel Card 23: Karmic Amplitude — life’s work (combine meaning with Card 10) Card 24: True desire for self and others (community) Card 25: The subconscious

The center wheel ends with the 26th card inside, to the left of the first solidifier (card 13). This will summarize the wheel and provide a prediction valid for the next 3 months. Analyze the center wheel before continuing with the outer wheel.

THE OUTER WHEEL (Cards 27–38) This wheel reviews the immediate past (max 28 days). Card 27: Inner self, karmic path Card 28: Security and relationships Card 29: Plans, ideas, philosophies Card 30: Background, parents, home Card 31: Hopes, desires, pleasures Card 32: Health concerns Card 33: Partners, loved ones Card 34: The Mystic Symbol, portrays potential gains (combine meaning with Card 8 and 21) Card 35: Distance, travel Card 36: Karmic Amplitude — life’s work (combine meaning with Card 10 and 23) Card 37: True desire for self and others (community) Card 38: The subconscious The solidifier (card 39) goes to the right of the 1st solidifier (card 13)

DAGIM BLOCK (cards 40–48): Lay these cards out from right to left. Unlike the first three clocks, these nine cards are read as one block. They contain information about the client’s most recent past life and how it’s affecting their current life and situation. This block will discuss karmic patterns carried over from the past life. Each card represents a separate situation from the querent’s immediate past life.

SOLIDIFIER 4 (card 49): Key to Present Life Summarizes the Dagim Block and the querent’s karmic patterns.

THE PILLAR OF TALEH (cards 50–58) This works similar to the Dagim Block, but instead of being about the querent’s past life in general, this one zeroes in on the people from their past life and how they’re relevant in this life. The Taleh Pillar always goes to the right of the wheel and starts from the bottom (50) to the top (58).

SOLIDIFIER 5 (card 59): Key to Knowledge This card summarizes the information from The Taleh Pillar

THE PILLAR OF SHOR (cards 60–68) This column is to the left of the wheel. It’s also meant to be read as one unit. This pillar is about another past life concept: The Karmic Seed. It’s meant to interpret the original reason or cause for karmic situations. The querent will recognize these karmic situations as repetitive issues that have sprung up through their life.

SOLIDIFIER 6 (card 69): Key to Open This solidifier represents the lesson that the querent should take from The Shor Pillar.

THE MALKUTH BLOCK (cards 70–78): Answers to Prepared Questions This is the final portion of the spread. These cards are presented beneath the Dagim Block. Place these cards face down. They should not be read until you’ve finished interpreting the rest of the spread. This block is meant to answer the questions that the querent wrote down before the reading began. If the querent wrote down nine questions, then each card will answer one question at a time, starting from 70 and onwards. Cards are only turned over when the question is asked. If the querent only has one or two questions, then all nine cards may be revealed at the same time.

And there you have it! Your introduction to Rahdue’s Wheel. There’s more to this spread, such as the importance of the number nine, karmic concepts, and more. Those will be written about in future articles. This is a lengthy spread, so take your time with it. This reading can easily become an all-day endeavor. If you would like for me to conduct a Rahdue’s Wheel reading for you, contact me on my website. If you use this Tarot spread, share it on Instagram and tag @gemblackthorn. Check out these other Tarot spreads:


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