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2022 Tarot Spread

Updated: Sep 23, 2022

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Welcome to the new year. The past two years were steeped in chaos and historic firsts. With so much turmoil, it’s not surprising that people are searching for an instruction manual for 2022. While not a manual, astrology, numerology, and intuitive readings can offer guidance. Let me just say that astrology does tell us that this will also be a chaotic year. Destructive weather. Changes to the economy. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have an amazing year on a personal level. Despite global uncertainties, people have made lifestyle changes, launched businesses, fallen in love, and given birth. You can choose to ground yourself and make choices for yourself and your family. And that’s what 2022 is about: Choices.

NUMEROLOGY: YEAR OF 6 Let’s begin with numerology. The energy of 2022 has the energy of the number 6.

2 + 0 + 2 + 2 = 6

Six is the first “perfect number,” a mathematical term for a positive integer that is equal to the sum of its positive divisors.

1 + 2 + 3 = 6 1 × 2 × 3 = 6

Perfect numbers are harmonious and stable. This number is also associated with responsibility. Think of the six-legged ant, stable figures in the ecosystem, despite our best efforts. Ants are strategic. They wage war with other colonies with tactics that could give Sun Tzu a run for his money. Strategies are the “good choices” that ants make for the good of the colony. They work together to gather food and protect each other. People who are aligned with the number 6 are loving and compassionate. They prefer to stay at home, tend to their garden, and have close relationships with their families. When applying this energy to year, we think about staying home (COVID is still a thing), tending to our home, growing our own food, and nurturing familial relationships.

TAROT CARD OF THE YEAR: THE LOVERS The sixth card of the major arcana is THE LOVERS card, which is also associated with choices. While most readers will excitedly proclaim that love is on the way the moment this card pops up, more studied Tarot readers know that this card goes deeper. If you examine the card, you will see that the masculine figure gazes at the feminine. She is his choice. But she is undecided and looks at the divine for support.

This card is the struggle to choose between what the heart wants and what the mind wants. It’s a call to make a choice that is in alignment with yourself, to make choices that are in harmony with your goals and destiny. In the Lovers card, the female image has not made her choice yet. He looks at her, but she looks at the divine for guidance.

TAROT SPREAD Knowing that the Tarot Card of the year is The Lovers and the number six is the energy of the year, we’re going with a six-card spread. This spread breaks down focuses on the choices we’re going to make this year and how to make decisions that are aligned with destiny.

  1. Theme of the Year: The choices we face will have a common theme that is meant to be a spiritual lesson. If your shower is clogged, you need to let things go. Issues with electricity, wifi, and your Bluetooth headphones indicate having issues with a spiritual connection. Search for the theme.

  2. Choices: People face choices in different areas of life. If this card contains pentacles, it might be about money. The Justice card indicates legal matters. The Six of Swords indicates choices about travel. And so on.

  3. Complications: If a choice was easy, it wouldn’t be much of a lesson. What are the complications that will lead to lessons in 2022?

  4. Connections: Creating harmony and alignment involves connecting with your environment and other people. We also can’t ignore the obvious meaning of The Lovers card: love and relationships. This card is about the connections that will support us in our choices.

  5. Balance: Harmony and alignment are about balance. Where do your priorities and values need to be balanced in order to reach your destiny?

  6. Results: Where will you be in December 2022? A year focused on choices and aligning to your best self can lead to changes as small as finding a new job and as big as moving to a different country.

A YEAR OF CHOICES Love is a choice. Gratefulness is a choice. Joy is a choice. The beautiful thing about spirituality is knowing that every choice you make will be the right one. Any choice you make will either lead to better things, or to grander lessons. That’s how you grow. If you use this Tarot spread, share it on Instagram and tag @gemblackthorn. You can book an online Tarot reading session or subscribing to my newsletter for more occult content. If you found this Tarot spread useful, consider showing your support by buying me a coffee.

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