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Tarot Spread for 2021

Updated: Sep 23, 2022

Here is a Tarot spread to prepare you for 2021. I chose five cards because 2021 has the Universal Year number of 5 in numerology.


The energy of the number five is exciting and changeable. Although after 2020, our imaginations are still too exhausted to dream up changes for a whole other year. Our focus should be on reaching stability this year.

Card 1: A snapshot of the querent throughout the year. This is how you’ll respond to the overall energy in 2021.

Card 2: What will be rocky in 2021? Where there is change, there is instability. Some changes are subtle and easier to handle. A new boss. Carrying a vaccine card to go into restaurants or movie theaters. Others are like The Tower, an uprooting of an entire way of life.

Card 3: What will excite you in 2021? With change comes excitement. The number 5 is also associated with adventure. Where will you find excitement and adventure this year?

Card 4: Your foundation and stability in 2021. While one area of your life will see this changeable energy, other parts of your life will remain the same. This is what you want to hold on to for comfort and rest when the excitement and change become too overwhelming.

Card 5: New traditions and habits to build in 2021. Periods of instability are there to teach us a lesson. Financial instability should teach you how to handle your money. Instability in love will require you to dig deep to learn about your attachment style, limiting beliefs, self-esteem, etc. The lessons you learn should lead to new habits so that the cycle doesn’t repeat again. What will you take away from this new year?

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