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Mercury Retrograde May 2022 Tarot Spread

Updated: Sep 23, 2022

Mercury goes retrograde today, Tuesday, May 10, in Gemini and won’t go direct until June 3. If you’re here for a Tarot spread, scroll down.

Mercury going retrograde is not new or unique, mostly just annoying. We’re more prone to misunderstandings or breakdowns in communications. Technology becomes unreliable. I, for one, tend to get spotty internet service on my cellphone. If your vehicle needs attention, it might rattle to remind you that it needs a visit to the mechanic. Retrogrades are about reflecting and revisiting.

This is especially true if you have matters that you’ve left undone. Haven’t broken up with your partners because you don’t want to be alone? There might be a blowout that gives you the courage to move on.

Most astrologers say you shouldn’t start anything new during this time. Naturally, the question about work comes up. If you’ve been applying and interviewing for jobs for the past couple of weeks and you receive a job offer in the middle of the retrograde, then it’s not a new thing, it’s the completion of your job hunt. So, yes, absolutely take the job if it’s something you’ve already been working towards. However, if you decide to look for a job and receive an offer all during the retrograde, then I would say to proceed with caution. Triple-check all of the paperwork you fill out. Make sure it’s the correct move at this time.

Coincidentally, Jupiter also ingresses into Aries today. So if something goes boom, don’t blame it on Mercury. It’s Jupiter. This planet expands Aries’ fiery nature. It amplifies courage, passion, and boldness in people, but in the rest of the world, it can lead to explosions, wildfires, and acts of violence. Combine that with the natural confusion that’s innate in retrograde season, and that’s a recipe for chaos.

At the end of the day, focus on what you can control. Be patient. Don’t be quick to anger. Triple check paperwork. Focus on your own journey and personal matters. Do you and everything will be fine.

The Tarot spread below is designed to aid your inner work during the retrograde. Below is an explanation of each placement in the spread.

1. How You Will Feel During This Time Not everyone reacts to Mercury’s retrogradation the same way. Some people welcome the excuse to pause and think, while others feel like they’re being dragged backward by their shirt collar. This represents you.

2. Your Communication Mercury in Retrograde is notorious for misunderstandings. What conversations will you have to be extra cautious around? This placement will help you narrow down a couple of topics. Remember to listen more than you speak.

3. Your Transportation Mercury rules transportation and short travel plans. Check your tire pressure. Your oil. Your coolant. Etc. Will you have to be extra careful after work? Near a school? Running errands? If you get the Sun, I wouldn’t worry too much about it.

4. Message from Spirit/Source Your ancestors and spirit guides are here to help you reflect on your recent past. Their message will appear here.

5. Mundane Plans to Work On Bills are boring, but we still have to deal with them. What mundane task will you have to deal with during this retrograde?

6. Suggested Inner Work Do you have to work on getting over an ex, limiting beliefs around money, and abandonment issues? Unlike #4, which is what your ancestors and spirit guides want you to work on, this is about your inner knowing. What do you feel you need to work on? This one and #4 might correlate for those who have a good relationship with their ancestors and spirit guides, but it’s not necessary.

7. Recent Past That Will Become Relevant What subject matter will pop up? Past relationship, career?

8. Post-Retrograde Outcome Look to the post-retrograde future. How will this retrograde help you grow? If you use this Tarot spread, share it on Instagram and tag @gemblackthorn. You can book an online Tarot reading session or subscribe to my newsletter for more occult content. Consider showing your support by buying me a coffee.

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