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Saturn Retrograde in Pisces Tarot Spread

Pink and white gradient background with pink and black script that reads Saturn Retrograde in Pisces Tarot Spread

Are we overdue for another retrograde? Are we ready for a visit from our cosmic daddy? (Not the fun kind of daddy, unfortunately.)

Saturn retrograde is upon us. It will appear to move backward in the sky while in Pisces from June 29 to November 15. If that feels like a long time, that’s because Saturn is a slow-moving planet. He requires patience.

In astrology, Saturn governs themes of responsibility, discipline, authority, and structure. His influence is akin to a teacher, mentor, or father. At times, it feels like Saturn imposes rules and boundaries that — while for our own good — can be frustrating to navigate if we’re constantly fighting for control.

When Saturn transits through Pisces, the planet of discipline and structure meets the sign of dreams, intuition, and compassion. This transit combines Saturn’s grounded, practical energy with Pisces’ ethereal, imaginative nature, creating a powerful period of spiritual growth, emotional healing, and creative transformation.

Pink and white gradient background Text: Saturn Retrograde in Pisces Tarot Spread two rows of squares in blue. From left to right: 4, 1, 5 in row 1 and 3, 2, 6 in row two. Current Responsibilities Surrender Spiritual Practices Creative Endeavor Empathy and Connection Peace and Acceptance for a blog post by Gem Blackthorn
Saturn Retrograde 2024 Tarot Spread

This Tarot Spread for Saturn Retrograde in Pisces is simple because Saturn just feels simple. Black and white. Action and consequences. Surrender or fight. Connection or isolation. Etc. There’s no need to overcomplicate things with Saturn. With that said, here’s what each tarot card placement means —

Card 1: Current Responsibility

This card represents the current responsibilities or challenges the querent is facing. It highlights what Saturn is asking them to focus on during this retrograde period.

Card 2: Surrender

This card indicates what the querent needs to surrender or let go of. It points to areas of life that are out of their control and require acceptance and peace.

Card 3: Spiritual Practices

This card offers insights into the querent’s spiritual practices or beliefs. It suggests ways to redefine or deepen their spiritual connection during this time.

Card 4: Creative Endeavors

This card sheds light on the querent’s creative projects or passions. It advises on nurturing and developing their creativity while Saturn is in retrograde.

Card 5: Empathy and Connection

This card reveals how the querent can embrace empathy and strengthen their connections with others. It highlights the importance of compassion and understanding.

Card 6: Peace and Acceptance

This final card guides the querent in finding inner peace and acceptance. It helps the querent discover how to find serenity amidst uncertainty and change.

Saturn Retrograde in Pisces is a period of integrating the practical with the spiritual, the disciplined with the compassionate. How can you build a life that both honors your earthly responsibilities and your divine inspirations?


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