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2024 Tarot Spread

Updated: Mar 29

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A new year is here, whether we like it or not. Anxiety and excitement roll into one. We all want to know that everything will be okay. That’s relative, of course. Tarot is here to give us insight and permission to dive into our subconscious and come face to face with our hopes and vulnerabilities.

The Tarot spread below will harness the wisdom of astrology and numerology to navigate the year ahead. Last year was a journey of introspection; now, let’s embrace the rewards of our hard work and dedication.


  • January 1 — Venus in Sagittarius Square Saturn in Pisces: Begin 2024 with a relaxed mindset. It’s a day for leisure and creativity, rather than productivity.

  • January 1 — Mercury Goes Direct in Sagittarius: A positive start to the year, as Mercury ends its retrograde, fostering optimism and forward-thinking.

  • January 4 — Mars Enters Capricorn: The perfect day for tackling New Year’s resolutions. This period brings determination and resilience, crucial for overcoming challenges.

  • January 9 — Sun in Capricorn Trine Uranus in Taurus: An excellent time for productivity and creativity, helping in achieving goals and navigating obstacles.

  • January 11 — New Moon in Capricorn: Ideal for initiating projects, job applications, and actualizing dreams.


Let’s begin with numerology. The energy of 2024 has the energy of the number 8.

2 + 0 + 2 + 4= 8

The number eight symbolizes hope, success, and the discipline required to achieve our goals. After a year of reflection, 2024 is all about reaping the fruits of our labor. It’s a promising year for prosperity, career advancement, and personal development.

However, beware of greed, selfishness, and the risk of burnout. Governed by Saturn, the number eight emphasizes the importance of discipline and ambition. This is a year for action. Passivity won’t suffice.


Reflecting the energy of the year, 2024’s Tarot card is Strength. It symbolizes courage, determination, and the power of will — all key elements for a year driven by the number 8. The Strength card encourages us to harness our inner fortitude to overcome obstacles and pursue our ambitions with confidence and resilience.


Knowing that the Tarot Card of the year is Stregnth and the number eight is the energy of the year, we’re going with an eight-card spread.

2024 tarot spread by gem blackthorn
2024 Tarot Spread By Gem Blackthorn

In alignment with the number 8, our Tarot spread for 2024 consists of eight cards, forming an octagonal layout to represent balance and regeneration. Because 2024 is symbolized by the Strength Tarot card, our Tarot spread is designed to delve deeply into the themes of inner fortitude, emotional resilience, and self-mastery. Each placement in this eight-card spread is crafted to reflect the various aspects of Strength and how they might manifest in your life during this year:

  1. Inner Strength Discovery: In what area of your life will you discover unexpected inner strength in 2024?

  2. Emotional Resilience: How can you cultivate emotional resilience to overcome challenges you might face this year?

  3. Kindness and Patience: Where do you need to practice more kindness and patience towards yourself or others?

  4. Courage and Bravery: What situation in 2024 will require you to summon your greatest courage and bravery?

  5. Perseverance and Drive: In which aspect of your life will your perseverance and drive be most tested, and how can you maintain momentum?

  6. Leadership and Influence: How will your leadership qualities emerge in 2024, and in what context will you find yourself taking the lead?

  7. Taming Internal Struggles: What internal ‘beast’ or struggle will you need to tame or confront this year for your personal growth?

  8. Self-Confidence and Discipline: How can you enhance your self-confidence and discipline, particularly during tough times in the coming year?

This spread aims to provide insights and guidance that resonate with the powerful energies of The Strength card, empowering you to navigate 2024 with confidence, resilience, and a deeper understanding of your inner power.

A Year of Reaping What You Sowed

The year 2024 promises to be a year of dynamic action, rewarding those who actively engage with their ambitions. We’ve had time to think, dream, and plan. It’s time for action.


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