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May 2024 Tarot Spread

Image of a flamingo with a square 1 next to the beak, square 2 on the body, square 3 on the raised leg, square 4 on the cross section of the raised leg and the standing leg, and square 5 on the standing leg. Text: May 2024 Tarot Spread, @ Gem Blackthorn, 1. Clarify your intentions for the month 2. How to balance your responsibilities and your passions 3. How to find pockets of pleasure this month 4. How to establish boundaries effectively 5. The outcome of your intentions from Card 1
Image by Gem Blackthorn

As Justin Timberlake’s Maruchan noodle hair warned us, May is here. Inflation is high and wages are low, but we continue to search for joy and purpose while simultaneously pushing for community engagement and political accountability. Taking a peek at this month’s astrological transits, I see that we need to seek balance and set boundaries with all of our social circles.

Notable transits:

Pluto retrograde in Aquarius — May 2, 2024

New Moon in Taurus — May 7, 2024

Sun moves into Gemini — May 202024

Full Moon in Sagittarius — May 23, 2024

Jupiter enters Gemini — May 25, 2024

Inspired by the balanced stance of a flamingo, I’ve designed the May 2024 Tarot spread to help guide you through this period of balance and boundaries.

CARD ONE: The Beak — Clarifying Intentions

The first card of the spread represents the “beak” of the flamingo. Use this card to meditate on your intentions for the month. Speak it out loud. Your interpretation of this card will set the tone for the rest of the reading.

CARD TWO: The Body — Finding Work-Life Balance

The second card represents the “body” of the flamingo. This position signifies the balance between work and personal life. If you’re engaged in your community or politically active, “work” can be your activism. Draw a card here to gain insight into how you can better balance your responsibilities and your passions.

CARD THREE: Raised Leg — Embracing Indulgences

The third card represents the raised leg of the flamingo, symbolizing indulgence and pleasure. Use the Taurus influence to find pockets of pleasure this month. This card will provide insight into how you can nurture yourself and find joy in the little things.

CARD FOUR: Intersection — Setting Boundaries

The fourth card is the intersection between the standing leg and the crossed leg. This position represents the importance of setting boundaries in both your personal and professional relationships. Draw a card here to clarify how you can establish boundaries effectively.

CARD FIVE: Standing Leg — Achieving Harmony

The last card is the standing leg, representing the ideal outcome achieved. This card will show you the outcome of the intention you set using the first card of the May 2024 Tarot reading. Ideally, it will show you the details of how you will achieve a sense of equilibrium in your life, or what’s holding you back.

As you use this May 2024 Tarot spread, remember to approach each card with an open mind and a willingness to learn. Be flexible with your definition of “work” and “life.” Community involvement, mutual aid, and activism can be described as work. Injustice domestically and abroad can affect your life if you’re in environments and relationships that don’t align with your values. Meditate on this during your reading.


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