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Tarot Reading in Community Building: Fostering Understanding and Empathy

Ten Tarot Cards in a circle with ten hands pointing at them with a pink sky background for a blog post about using tarot reading in community building
Tarot reading circle community

Today, I’m making the case that the popularity of Tarot is an opportunity to build a community around it to support and lend aid in the physical world when needed. Community-building is an art. It requires understanding, empathy, and a genuine interest in fostering positive relationships.

The community also is an inherent aspect of Tarot. At its conception, it was a game, like playing poker with friends. With its modern use of self-discovery, Tarot has the potential to act as a bridge, creating deeper bonds between people.

Tarot in Community Building My first interaction with the Tarot community was at an in-person Meetup event. Since this was before its most recent explosion in popularity, I was the youngest person there. Everyone who showed up had decades of experience, and they were there to show off their unique Tarot decks, some decades old, and to tell fun and spooky stories about them.

On the periphery of that conversation were other hints of what was happening in the wider community.

One couple arrived by taking public transportation — in a town notorious for having a terrible transportation system — and shared how they carved two hours of their morning to get there. Another person offered them a ride. Someone else discussed a hip injury, and someone else shared an alternative remedy to ease their pain.

Tarot can act as a catalyst for community engagement, with the cards themselves becoming a backdrop to the human connections being formed. The Tarot space evolves from spiritual exploration into a communal haven where people find common ground, assistance, and a sense of belonging.

A suggestion: Tarot Reading Circles In the tapestry of communal activities, Tarot reading circles can emerge as a unique thread, interweaving personal insight with collective experience. While seated together without hierarchy, individuals partake in the act of seeking and offering interpretations of the cards drawn.

Such an environment demystifies the art of Tarot, inviting everyone, from novices to the experienced, to voice their perspectives. The Tarot deck becomes a mirror reflecting the multifaceted stories of a community, fostering a sense of unity and understanding. As each card is turned, its imagery sparks conversations, allowing participants to express and hear diverse life experiences.

The Role of the Tarot Reader The Tarot reader in such community circles assumes an integral role, often acting as a mediator, counselor, and guide. The reader facilitates dialogue, ensuring that each voice is heard and valued, guiding the circle through the labyrinth of symbols and meanings. Their role is not to impose interpretations but to illuminate pathways for personal insight, allowing the cards to mirror the collective and individual subconscious.

The Tarot reader’s wisdom lies in their ability to hold space for diverse viewpoints, nurturing a communal journey of growth and connection. In this capacity, the Tarot reader becomes a pillar of the community, not only by revealing the wisdom of the Tarot but also by embodying the principles of empathy, respect, and shared discovery essential to any thriving community.

The Tarot’s resurgence offers more than predictions — it provides a foundation for community engagement where empathy and understanding are at the heart. Embracing Tarot as a tool for communal connection strengthens our social bonds, proving that spiritual practices can address practical needs for belonging and togetherness — one conversation and one community at a time.


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