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What’s the Point of a Tarot Reading?

Updated: Mar 29

As a professional Tarot reader with eight years of experience, I’ve had clients book with me for various reasons. However, I believe that most Tarot clients are searching for at least one of three themes. These themes are unique from the other and may require different approaches and readers to address them.

I want to know about the future My Tarot mentors are what I consider to be “old guard” Tarot readers. They focus on providing clients with details about the near future (3–6 months). They were trained to be able to describe people — where they worked, what they looked like, and where you would meet them.

The Tarot spreads in front of them outline exhaustive information about situations that haven’t happened yet. This style of Tarot reading requires decades of practice and dedication. And iron-clad confidence. Clients who want details about the future will be put off by affirmation-based readings that have to do with big concepts like your purpose in life.

If anything, dipping into these big concepts might feel like a trick to run out the clock to them. Some people don’t want to know about their soul purpose, they want to know if their suspicions that the landlord is stealing their mail is correct.

I want to connect to the divine Tarot is a divination system. Divination doesn’t just mean “to seek information about the future.” It also means to connect to the divine. For our purposes, the divine can be anything bigger than ourselves: source, their higher self, deities, etc.

Many people find that the Tarot provides them with a sense of connection and understanding that they may be unable to find through other means. It allows them to tap into a deeper sense of meaning and purpose in their lives. The divine may have many messages for them, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be about the future.

I want a therapeutic session Tarot readings can also serve as a form of spiritual counsel. This is the kind of reading that is popular online today. The Tarot cards can offer guidance and wisdom to help individuals navigate the challenges and obstacles they may face. The Tarot can provide insight into one’s inner self and help to reveal the underlying causes of problems or difficulties. Tarot readers can also offer practical advice and guidance on addressing those issues.

Depending on the Tarot reader, this session might incorporate elements of shadow work and affirmations. These sessions do not require belief in a deity or knowledge of the future. In fact, some people who engage in these readings could be atheists who approach the symbolism of the Tarot the same way they approach ink blots.

Why does it matter? When you’re booking a session with a new Tarot reader, it’s important that you understand how they approach Tarot because their style may not align with your needs. For example, if I’m looking for a tarot reading, it’s because I want details about the future. If someone were to try to use elements of therapy or shadow work with me, I would close up because I am not there for spiritual counseling. I’m there for fortune-telling. Because the therapeutic/spiritual counseling style of tarot reading is popular now, I have difficulty finding new readers trained to give specific information. (Thankfully, my mentors are still around, and my Tarot students learn in our style.)

Only some Tarot readers will be equipped to provide every style of reading. I know plenty of Tarot readers who don’t believe that it’s possible to interpret information about the future with Tarot cards for several reasons (astrology, free will, the future is not set in stone, etc.). There are also Tarot readers who believe only frauds ask clients questions during the session. But readers who provide spiritual counseling with Tarot cards would need to ask questions in order to provide a valuable session.

All three styles have their audience and their place. In order to get to have a valuable experience, take some time to figure out why you want a Tarot reading in the first place, then search for a reader who can provide that for you.

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