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2023 Tarot Spread

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It’s that time again! 2023 is hurling its way toward us and we’re bracing ourselves for impact. Insight from astrology, numerology, and Tarot readings can prepare us for the uncharted territories of the new year.

We’re ending the year with several planets in retrograde, but they’ll be going direct within the first month. Mars goes direct on January 12. Mercury goes direct on January 18. And Uranus goes direct on January 22. This is important because, as you’ll read below, this year is about forward movement.

NUMEROLOGY: YEAR OF 7 Let’s begin with numerology. The energy of 2023 has the energy of the number 7.

2 + 0 + 2 + 3= 7

Seven is an auspicious number. “Lucky number seven.” Think of how many things come in this number:

  • Seven seas

  • Seven chakras

  • Seven continents

  • Seven world wonders

  • Seven days of the week

  • Seven sins/seven virtues

  • Seven colors in the rainbow

In numerology, the number seven has to do with spiritual awakening, development, intuition, inner wisdom, individualism, and independence. What comes after a period of development? Innovation.

TAROT CARD OF THE YEAR: THE CHARIOT Remember how I mentioned forward movement earlier? This year’s Tarot card is The Chariot, the seventh card in the major arcana. This card represents movement, yes, but also the delivery of a message. This can represent your subconscious message to your conscious mind after a year of deep introspection and meditation. It can also represent the message you will understand after moving forward in your personal life, career, or spiritual development.

The Chariot card is also ruled by the sign of Cancer, which is ruled by the Moon. The Moon is associated with the number 7 in numerology. The energies of this year are perfect for expanding your intuitive abilities. If you haven’t already, try picking up a divination system, such as tarot reading, remote viewing, or scrying.

TAROT SPREAD Knowing that the Tarot Card of the year is The Chariot and the number seven is the energy of the year, we’re going with a seven-card spread.

This spread is circular to represent the wheels in The Chariot. It also serves as a reminder that circumstances in 2023 will move and evolve constantly.

  1. How will forward movement affect your personal life: will your romantic relationship deepen, will you pick up a hobby, or see changes in your family?

  2. How will forward movement affect you spiritually: this echoes back to how the number 7 is associated with spiritual awakenings

  3. How will forward movement affect your career: Our ability to make money affects our quality of life and reputation. Notice the relationship between Card 3 and Card 1.

  4. How will forward movement affect your health: How will a year of changes and introspection impact your physical and mental health?

  5. Messages from the subconscious: This nugget of inner wisdom will be a reminder to carry in your pocket throughout 2023.

  6. Opportunities for curiosity and kindness: Seven is a lucky number, which means you can lower your guard and seek opportunities to connect. This card will give you a starting point.

  7. Lessons learned by December 2023: We’re on this planet to learn. What’s the theme of the 2023 Lesson Plan?

A Year of Forward Movement A new year is a new chapter. You’re in for a crash course on intuitive development in an ever-changing landscape. Approach it with excitement and curiosity. Happy New Year!

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