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Five Takeaways for my Tarot Clients

Updated: Sep 23, 2022

As a professional Tarot reader, people come to me with tough situations and big emotions. They need to be heard and guided towards a resolution that ultimately helps them grow. My goal is for all clients to leave a session feeling a little better than they did when it started. Here are five takeaways all of my clients leave with once a session is over.

1. A New Perspective

When someone is stressed out, they can’t see past their immediate problem. It’s like being at the center of a maze — you can’t see the paths around you or the emergency exits. Tarot helps you zoom out of a situation and reveals options.

2. Your Strengths & Weaknesses Our gifts are not limited to the metaphysical. For example, overthinking can be a weakness, but it might also make you great at strategizing. We work to find how your natural skills can aid you in the situation.

3. Lessons to be Learned Tough situations are an opportunity to learn and grow. The sooner you work out what you can learn, the sooner the issue will be resolved. If we don’t learn, lessons will only repeat themselves.

4. Who or What You Can Rely On Humans are social creatures. We live in a community to help each other out. When you’re struggling, it might feel like no one understands. Your Tarot reading can either uncover who you can reach out to for assistance. It could be an old friend, a community leader, the courts, etc.

5. You Can Overcome Anything We can overcome anything. No problem exists forever. You should leave your Tarot reading feeling empowered with the tools and resources and face your problems head-on.

I once had a client who was discouraged with their life. They were living at home with their parents well into their 30s and they didn’t see a way out financially. Through their reading, we were able to learn that a family friend could become a mentor. My client didn’t know that this person had experience in a field that they were interested in. My client was right where she needed to be in order to benefit from this relationship, they just hadn’t realized it yet.

Tarot reading is more than just “fortune-telling” (and that alone is debatable, but that’s an article for another day), it can truly help you reframe how you approach situations in your life.

Ready for your own Tarot reading? Book online today. There are 30-minute and 60-minute options. While you wait for your appointment date to arrive, you can read about my favorite Tarot spread to use with clients:


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