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Writing Prompts For Every Tarot Card

Updated: Jan 13, 2023

Welcome writers and Tarot enthusiasts! Below are writing prompts for every card in the Tarot deck. They include suggestions for several writing styles, such as script writing, journaling, character building, and meditations.

There is a printable version of this list available for download here.

You may use this list however you like, but I have a suggestion: shuffle and pull a card from your Tarot deck at home, return to this list to find that card, and choose a prompt. This is a fun way to combine a daily Tarot reading and writing ritual.

(For Medium): I’ll be adding to this list periodically. If you have an idea for a prompt, comment it with the respective card and I will add it to the list . You will be tagged next to your prompt for credit. Make sure to save this list for whenever you’re looking for writing inspiration. You will find a “last edited” date at the bottom of the list.

Major Arcana

  1. The Fool (0) -Describe a time when you took a leap of faith -The best thing about starting over is… -If you were embarking on a long journey, what would you bring with you? -Who would join you on an unplanned trip?

  2. The Magician (I) -What’s in your power right now? -Describe your most unique skill -Write about your creative process -Write about a time when you made something happen against all odds

  3. The High Priestess (II) -Whose secrets do you keep and who keeps yours? -Write about your last Wikipedia deep dive -Do you believe in intuition -In what areas of life do you embody duality?

  4. The Empress (III) -What comes naturally to you? -When was the last time you feel completely relaxed? -Write a letter to your child, future child, or imaginary child -Write about a time you exuded empathy for a stranger

  5. The Emperor (IV) -Write about your father figure -Write about being in control -Write about a stubborn man in your life -Write about a time when you were too hard on yourself

  6. The Hierophant (V) -What traditions do you keep and why? -How do you connect to the divine or something bigger than yourself? -Write about a time when you went against societal expectations -Write about an unconventional method that works for you

  7. The Lovers (VI) -Write your love story -Write about mixing business with pleasure -Write about a time when someone chose you, but you chose someone or something else -Write about following your heart over your head

  8. The Chariot (VII) -What motivates you to keep going -Write about a time you felt stagnant and pushed yourself to keep going -Write about participating in a competition -Write about your vehicle (or mode of transportation)

  9. Strength (VIII) -Write about a time you battled against an impulse -Write about your personal strengths -Write about a time you stood for your convictions -Write about someone giving in to their urges or desires

  10. The Hermit (IX) -Write about the difference between loneliness and being alone -Write about a time you walked away to think -Write about someone taking a long way home -Write about your favorite teacher or mentor

  11. Wheel of Fortune (X) -What does luck mean to you -Write about someone’s luck changing suddenly -Write about someone having the day they deserve -Do you believe that we create our own luck?

  12. Justice (XI) -Write about a time justice prevailed -Write about a “fair” decision that didn’t feel fair -Write about a unique thing you’re responsible for -Write about something you don’t agree with objectively

  13. The Hanged Man (XII) -Write about your most profound “aha!” moment -Writing about being in a waiting room for hours -What are you waiting for? -Write about making a sacrifice

  14. Death (XII) -What do you think happens when we die? -Write about a time you had to end something but didn’t want to -Write about someone concluding unfinished business -Write about joining a powerful movement

  15. Temperance (XIV) -What comes to mind when you think of serenity -When was the last time you lost your patience? -What’s your most extreme opinion? -Write about someone who exudes elegance and grace

  16. The Devil (XV) -Write about a wake-up call -What was the first red flag you ignored about a person or situation? -Write about a situation that felt hard to walk away from -Write about someone stuck in a prison of their own making

  17. The Tower (XVI) -Write about a time when someone or something you always counted on failed your expectations -Write about a time you had to start over from scratch -Write about doing your best to avoid a bad situation but still being affected -Write about someone who constantly challenges the status quo

  18. The Star (XVII) -What are your thoughts on faith? -Who inspires you creatively? -Write about someone who is too idealistic -Write about generous people being rewarded

  19. The Moon (XVIII) -Write about a time when things were not what they appeared -Write about an awkward misunderstanding -What’s something you didn’t know about yourself until you were older -What’s something that makes you anxious?

  20. The Sun (XIX) -What did you last celebrate? -Write about something being unveiled -When was the last time the spotlight was on you -Write about being taken along for a ride

  21. Judgment (XX) -Describe someone in your life going through a reckoning -What in your life needs to be renewed -Write about a casual interest becoming a true calling -Write about being conflicted about a big decision

  22. The World (XXI) -Describe the end of a standard cycle (high school graduation, bachelorette party, etc) -Write about your greatest achievement -When was the last time you felt you had the world at your feet? -Write a creative solution to achieving a lifelong dream

Suit of Wands

  1. Ace of Wands (I) -Describe the last time someone new started flirting with you -If you had to change your entire life, where would you start? -Write about a time you a took a chance on yourself -Describe something you can only learn by doing

  2. Two of Wands (II) -Write about your current comfort zone -Describe step by step how you plan for trips and vacations -What are your long-term plans? -Are you a planner or a risk taker?

  3. Three of Wands (III) -Make a list of your current commitments (go beyond your spouse or bills) -Write about opportunities you’re not currently taking advantage of -What obstacles or challenges do you think you’ll face in the next six months -Write about someone struggling to see the big picture

  4. Four of Wands (IV) -Describe what makes you feel supported or secure -Write about a family gathering -What’s the foundation of your current relationship or close friendship -Describe a place that feels like home

  5. Five of Wands (V) -Describe how you approach conflict with your friends vs with co-workers -Write about a time when multiple people with different opinions refused to listen to each other -Write about your favorite ways to brainstorm with a group of people -Describe how you approach diversity and inclusion in your personal life

  6. Six of Wands (VI) -Write about a time when things turned out better than expected -Write about your opinions regarding celebrity and fame -Who is the most successful person in the industry you work in -Describe what success would mean for your life

  7. Seven of Wands (VII) -Write about a time when people were envious of you -Write about a time when you voiced your opinion on a public forum (online or offline) -Describe a time when the worst case scenario came true -Write about a time someone got in your of success. What did you do?

  8. Eight of Wands (VIII) -Write about air travel (airplane, helicopter, hot air balloon, blimps, space rocket, skydiving, etc.) -What part of your life is gaining momentum? -Write about a time you had to make a quick decision without a lot of information available -What decision could change your life today?

  9. Nine of Wands (IX) -Describe a time when you needed to rest but felt that you couldn’t -Write about a time when you had to establish firm boundaries -Write about an unforeseen setback -Write about adversities in the past that still affect you today

  10. Ten of Wands (X) -Write about a time you had to take on extra responsibility -Write about a time when you were too tired to celebrate that you finished something -Write about a time when you took on more responsibility because you couldn’t say no -Write about a job where you were underpaid

  11. Page of Wands (XI) -Write about a person in your life who is passionate and free-thinking -Write about a person who constantly gets into trouble -Write about a weekend getaway with a romantic partner -Write about ways you could be more proactive with your health

  12. Knight of Wands (XII) -Write about the most charismatic person you know -Write about a time when you acted first and thought later -Write about a time when you tried to help and made things worse -Write about a time when you became very protective of someone or something

  13. Queen of Wands (X) -Write about the best manager you’ve ever had -Write about the most fearless person you know -Describe a time when you had to take control of a situation -Write about networking with people who have similar interests

  14. King of Wands (XIV) -Write about someone with a dominating personality -If you were going to start a business with someone, who would that be? -Write about an innovation that inspires you -What’s a topic that makes you feel giddy?

Suit of Cups

  1. Ace of Cups (I) -Write about a secret desire being fulfilled -Write about a future couple meeting each other for the first time -Describe someone finding out they’re pregnant -Write about a couple renewing their relationship after a decade together

  2. Two of Cups (II) -Write about a partnership (romantic or platonic) that helped you unlock your potential -Write about your opinion on forgiving and forgetting -When did you realize that someone was your best friend -Describe unconditional love

  3. Three of Cups (III) -Write a toast for a loved one -Write about your favorite festival -Write about a 10 Year Reunion -Describe the perfect party/gathering with friends

  4. Four of Cups (IV) -Write about a time you received an unexpected offer -Write about a time you missed an opportunity -Write a boredom survival list -Discuss how you feel about meditation

  5. Five of Cups (V) -Write a letter to a pessimist in your life -Write about your last heartbreak -Write about someone crying over spilled milk -Write about someone watching their possessions being taken away

  6. Six of Cups (VI) -Write about your favorite childhood memory -Write about your favorite charity or cause -Write about a time you acted immature for your age -Write about the last time you felt carefree

  7. Seven of Cups (VII) -Write about your favorite daydream -What is your biggest dream — regardless if it’s possible or not -Write about a time when you had too many choices -Write about someone experiencing a delusion

  8. Eight of Cups (VIII) -Write about walking away -Write about going on a trip reluctantly -Write about someone refusing to look back -Write about someone running from their problems

  9. Nine of Cups (IX) -Write as if you finally have everything you’ve ever wanted -Write about someone getting what they wished for and not being happy about it -What do you think of the expression “it’s lonely at the top?” -Do you seek pleasure or purpose?

  10. Ten of Cups (X) -Write about someone prioritizing the group over personal goals -Write scenes beyond the “happily ever after” -Describe domestic bliss -Write about seeing a rainbow for the first time

  11. Page of Cups (XI) -Make a list of your healthy coping mechanisms -Write about a first love -Write from the point of view of an impatient teenager -Write about a short-term relationship with a charismatic person

  12. Knight of Cups (XII) -Write about someone with big plans but no resources -Write about being swept off your feet just to be disappointed -Write about a hobby that has taken over your whole life -Write about someone successfully following their bliss

  13. Queen of Cups (X) -Write about someone in denial of a harsh truth -Write about the ideal childhood -Describe the “mom” of the friend group -Write about an overbearing mother or mother-in-law

  14. King of Cups (XIV) -Write a job description for an open-minded executive -Write about mediation from the mediator’s perspective -Write about a man who’s in touch with his emotions -Write about someone who let’s things go too often

Suit of Swords

  1. Ace of Swords -Write about a time you learned/realized something that changed your life -Write about dialogue where one person hears a harsh truth -Write about a “truth” or statement of wisdom you believe you in -Make a list of strategies that help you concentrate

  2. Two of Swords (II) -Write a scene about someone avoiding making a decision -Write about someone refusing to accept something obvious -Write a scene at a beach with dangerous waves -Write about someone going up against manipulative people

  3. Three of Swords (III) -Make a list of the “irreconcilable differences” that the plaintiff doesn’t mention in a divorce petition -Write the three parts of an argument: two people’s sides and the truth -Write about a romance not grounded in reality -Describe someone’s action as they hear bad news from a voicemail

  4. Four of Swords (IV) -Write a story that takes place in a church basement -Write a meditation script -Write about a time you exerted self-control -Write out your last daydream

  5. Five of Swords (V) -Write about a fall from grace -Write about a time you had to defend yourself -Write the script of a heated argument -Write about learning from your mistakes

  6. Six of Swords (VI) -Write about grief -Write about traveling over turbulent waters -Write about a lesson you learned in childhood that is relevant in adulthood -Write about someone starting a new life in a new place

  7. Seven of Swords (VII) -Write about rejecting groupthink -Write about a time when you were the bad guy -Write about someone sneaking around for a good reason -Write about someone self-sabotaging a relationship

  8. Eight of Swords (VIII) -Write about someone refusing to take responsibility for something they did -Write a letter to someone with a victim mentality -Write a monologue from the perspective of someone who hasn’t defended themselves in a long time -Write about someone realizing the solution to a long-term problem

  9. Nine of Swords (IX) -Write about insomnia -Describe a recent nightmare -Write from of the point of view of a paralysis demon -Describe how anxiety feels

  10. Ten of Swords (X) -Write about someone hitting “rock bottom” -Write about someone experiencing back problems -Write a dialogue between you and Death -Write about finally killing something that wouldn’t die (could be a rat, or a relationship)

  11. Page of Swords (XI) -Write about a time your integrity was challenged -Write about a time you DID NOT speak up about an injustice -Write about a philosophical opinion -Write about someone harboring a secret crush

  12. Knight of Swords (XII) -Write about someone who is so direct, they come off as rude -Write from the perspective of a leader who is an impulsive risk-taker -Write a dialogue where someone jumps to conclusions -Write about how a real knight would use social media

  13. Queen of Swords (X) -Write about a seemingly small decision that changed your entire life -Write a dialogue where someone keeps giving unsolicited advice -Write a valedictorian’s graduation speech -Write a list of marriage advice that a divorcee would offer

  14. King of Swords (XIV) -Make a list of your favorite self-improvement advice -Write about a judge who presides with a fatherly demeanor -Write about someone winning a fight with intellect and wisdom -Write about someone failing to separate his logic and feelings

Suit of Pentacles

  1. Ace of Pentacles (I) -Write the Executive Summary of a business plan -Describe a materialistic childhood -Write a monologue from the perspective of someone trying to take your money (a salesman, a robber, someone who needs to borrow money, etc) -Write about receiving money in a surprising and absurd way

  2. Two of Pentacles (II) -Write a budget as if you make twice your current salary -Write about unconventional ways to make money -Describe a day in the life of a parent juggling too much -Write about a time someone who was busy did not prioritize you

  3. Three of Pentacles (III) -Write a story about working on a group project -Write about a skill or talent you mastered in childhood -If you could go to college for fun (and for free), what would you study? -Write about collaborating with a professional (doctor, lawyer, personal trainer, etc)

  4. Four of Pentacles (IV) -Write about the difference between collecting and hoarding -Describe your fears regarding money -Write about holding on to something or someone for too long -Write about someone who is clinging to loneliness

  5. Five of Pentacles (V) -Describe the feeling of being left out in the cold -Write a scene about someone who dwells on past suffering -Write about a time when you had low morale and how you got out of it -Write about the phrase “light at the end of the tunnel”

  6. Six of Pentacles (VI) -How do you share you wealth/resources with others? -Write about a time you gave more than you received -What were your parents’ expectations for your financial future -Write a scene where someone takes charge of their finances

  7. Seven of Pentacles (VII) -Describe how waiting for hours physically feels -Write a letter to someone about to give up just before reaching success -Write from the point of view of an impatient gardener -How much faith do you have in your success?

  8. Eight of Pentacles (VIII) -Write about someone getting lost in their work -Make a list of crafts you can create with your hands -Write about someone so dedicated to their goals, they neglect other parts of their life -Write about a detailed-oriented person losing sight of the big picture

  9. Nine of Pentacles (IX) -If you were going to surround yourself with beautiful things, what would you include? -Describe what luxury is to you -Describe the first time you felt self-sufficient -How would you spend additional disposable income?

  10. Ten of Pentacles (X) -Write about receiving a large inheritance from a distant relative -If you won the lottery today, what would you do? -What was your family’s financial standing when you were a child and how does it compare to where you are now? -Write about someone who has everything they need but are still unhappy

  11. Page of Pentacles (XI) -Write a scene where someone suddenly comes up with a million dollar idea -Write about a child who has $500 to spend in a toy store -Write about someone with immature spending habits -Write about taking a device apart piece by piece to figure out how it works

  12. Knight of Pentacles (XII) -Write about the most dependable person you know -Write a scene that embodies the phrase “slow and steady wins the race” -Write about someone who flaunts their wealth while others struggle -If you needed a change of scenary, describe where you would go

  13. Queen of Pentacles (X) -Write about a nurturing family member -Describe a social butterfly alone in quarantine -Write about someone who is passionate about the environment -Write a comedy about a skeptical person who is challenged to walk barefoot for a day to connect to nature

  14. King of Pentacles (XIV) -Write from a sugar daddy’s point of view -Write a sample script for a show on The Food Channel -Write about a CEO’s retirement party -Write about a dinner party hosted by the richest man in the country

Last edited: 11/30/2022


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