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Manifestation Journaling: Writing for the Future

Whether it was an exercise in shifting my mindset or a literal manifestation technique, all I know is that writing about the future I wanted got me through a tough year.

“This time next year… I will have my own apartment.” “This time next year… I will have my own business.” “This time next year… I will have gone on a much-needed vacation.”

At the moment, I wasn’t journaling to make my wish come true. It wasn’t a cute manifestation technique. I was journaling for my mental health. Writing about the life I wanted to build reminded me that not only did I have a future, but I had the freedom to design it. Things did not always have to be bad.

It just so happened that it worked.

People on the new age side of life will call what I did “manifestation journaling.” It’s using the Law of Attraction to write down your intentions and bring them forth into the real world. By being specific and descriptive, you are using all of your senses to align yourself to the frequency that will lead towards that future.

Psychology will say the same thing with different words. Breaking down your goals and dreams into bite-sized strategies and tasks will bring them to the forefront of your conscious mind. Your brain will begin to seek opportunities to make those intentions happen. Imagine you’re bored in traffic and you tell yourself “look for the red car.” Suddenly, every other car is red. Then switch. Look for the white car. A bunch of white cars will decide to turn left. The red and white cars were always there - just how the path to the life you want has always been there. You’re just now aware of them.

We need these techniques when the fog of real life makes us question our own capabilities. Being in a position where you’re constantly stressed, depressed, or anxious creates that fog. People lose hope. If you’re there, just start writing about the amazing life you are going to create.

Where will you be a year from now?


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