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The Compass Tarot Spread for June 2024

A compass. East #2, Southeast #3, South #4, southwest #5, west #6, northwest #7, north #8, north #9. The Sun: Central Theme of the Tarot Spread East: Mindset at the Beginnings of June 2024 Southeast: Occurrences That Will Change Your Mindset South: Goal Achievement Progress Report Southwest: Revised Goal Strategies West: Consequences of Inaction Northwest: New Mindset & Strategy Focus North: Results of Re-Direction Northeast: New Wisdom for the End of June 2024 by Gem Blackthorn.
June 2024 Summer Solstice Tarot Spread by Gem Blackthorn

It’s June! Welcome to the midpoint of the year. (How are you doing with your New Year’s Resolutions by the way?) Besides this being the sixth month of the year, the summer solstice is approaching.

The summer solstice, the longest day of the year, has been celebrated across cultures for its powerful solar symbolism. The sun, at its peak, is a potent symbol of energy, power, and life. It represents the source of creation, dominance, and the ego, shining to reveal truths that may have been hidden in the shadows.

In ancient Egyptian mythology, Ra, the sun god, was considered the creator of the world, embodying power and authority. In Hindu culture, Surya, the sun deity, is a symbol of health, energy, and enlightenment. The sun’s journey through the sky is not just a physical phenomenon but a metaphor for the journey of the self.

To harness this powerful energy, I’ve designed a tarot spread for June 2024, designed to offer insights into your mindset, strategies, and the outcomes of your actions as you strive to achieve your goals. The spread is arranged in a circle to reflect the cyclical nature of the sun and its illuminating power. It also takes the shape of a compass with its cardinal directions and intermediary points. Just as a compass helps travelers find their way, this tarot spread is designed to illuminate and adjust your direction and path through your goals and mindset. 

Solstice Circle Spread: Illuminating Truths

CARD ONE: The Sun — Central Theme of the Tarot Spread

This card represents the central theme of the June 2024 Tarot spread. Like the longest day of the year, this card symbolizes illumination, the guiding light throughout the tarot reading and the month in its entirety. 

CARD TWO: East — Mindset at the Beginnings of June 2024

The directional orientation of “east” symbolizes air, communication, new beginnings, and new growth. The sun also rises in the east. For that reason, card two represents the mindset we’re bringing to this month, for better or worse. It’s the beliefs, strategies, and attitudes we’ve been carrying with us throughout 2024.

CARD THREE: Southeast —Occurrences That Will Change Your Mindset

We’re all about growth and development here. With so many planets in Gemini, there’s no way to enter this month and leave with the same mindset. Events and realizations will push us to reconsider beliefs that were once solid and true to our hearts. This card will hint at what will cause these moments of deep introspection. 

CARD FOUR: South — Goal Achievement Progress Report

Did you make a list of our New Year’s Resolutions at the beginning of 2024? Did you create a physical or a digital vision board in January? Did you journal about how your life would be different in 2024 and how you really meant it this time? How’s that going for you? This card is your progress report. 

CARD FIVE: Southwest — Revised Goal Strategies

Whether your progress report in Card Four was positive or negative, we could all do with adjusting our approach to how we’re reaching our goals and dreams. This card will enlighten you on how you can adjust your methodology.

CARD SIX: West —Consequences of Inaction

You may be tempted to continue business as usual. To refuse to evolve is to succumb to stubbornness. Card Six will show you these consequences in more detail. 

CARD SEVEN: Northwest — New Mindset & Strategy Focus

Now that we know the importance of adjusting and have gained a new mindset to guide us for the rest of the year, this card reveals hints about how to best approach your goals.

CARD EIGHT: North —Results of Re-DirectionThis is your north star. This card will hint at the results if you move forward with the new strategy you interpreted from Card Eight. 

CARD NINE: Northeast —New Wisdom for the End of June 2024

This card represents lessons learned at the end of the month and what you’ve learned from your hopes, dreams, and long-term goals this month. 

Remember, the sun’s peak is not just a moment of brilliance but a metaphor for your own journey. Use this powerful energy to re-think your methods, refine your strategies, and embrace the changes needed to reach your aspirations. As the month progresses, allow the wisdom gained to shape your future, leading you toward greater fulfillment and success.

Thank you for exploring the Solstice Compass Tarot Spread with me! 


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