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Review: NUiT, an Astrology-Based Dating App

Updated: Sep 23, 2022

TLDR: Besides having an unfortunate nickname for their users, the only real issue with NUiT is that there aren’t enough users.

Signing on to a dating app feels like logging into a barren, white corner of the internet these days.The novelty of swiping for potential dates has worn off. Those who haven't dived into a starter marriage by now are swiping half-heartedly and barely making an effort to have a decent conversation.

“Hey.” “Hello.” “Wyd” “Nothing much. You?”

Riveting stuff.

The online dating industry has been around long enough to inspire specialty apps, like NUiT, an astrology-based app. It isn’t impossible to incorporate astrology into the “Big Three” dating apps. On Bumble, you can add zodiac signs with one of the advanced filters (you only get two for free). Tinder and Hinge do not have filters for zodiac signs, but many people do self-identify.

NUiT, however, is designed for people who truly enjoy astrology. They claim to have developed an algorithm based on natal chart synastry. Before initiating a connection, users (called NUiTers...we'll circle back to that) receive compatibility scores based on four categories: romance, magnetism, business, and friendship. These scores are especially helpful if you want to use the app for platonic reasons.

Users have the option to hide their birth time and birth chart details (and as an astrologer, I recommend that you do), but the sun, moon, and rising signs will always be visible.

INCLUSIVITY This dating app is more inclusive than most. It currently includes non-binary gender identities and an expanded spectrum of sexual orientation preferences. One of my favorite options is to hide your profile from straight people. (If you're not straight, then you know why this option is both a perk and a relief.)

OTHER PERKS On top of being a dating app, NUiT is also an astrology app, period. You can find daily horoscopes, a breakdown of how each planet will affect your day, and your birth chart analysis. I open the app to look up my birth chart details more than I do for swiping. (Because no, even I don't have my entire birth chart memorized.) Your birth chart is always available for easy reference.

THOUGHTS Swiping on a dating app is its own intuition exercise. If you’re going to use divination to find a date, you might as well incorporate astrology.

The app would be better if more people joined. In fact, it’s my only real complaint. I run out of potential matches in my local area pretty quickly. The option to swipe anywhere in the world is “free for now,” implying that the app has a choice. They don’t. If they didn’t give users the option to swipe around the world, the dating aspect of the app would become useless after twenty minutes. So I encourage astrology lovers to make accounts, even if it’s only to make friends, check your horoscope, and keep your birth chart handy. The app has a lot of potential, but more people need to find out about it.

NUiTers Their website claims to have been inspired by the Egyptian Goddess Nut, the Goddess of Stars and the Sky. It's really a beautiful story, but really, no one could think of a better name for their users than a word that sounds like neutered?

A SMALL CONCERN While astrology has grown in popularity in recent years, it's still vastly misunderstood. Profiles show people's sun, moon, and rising signs. I can see someone with a rudimentary understanding of astrology using these signs to make unfair assumptions about someone.

Regardless of that, more astrology enthusiasts should join. It’s difficult to judge a dating app fairly when you can’t chat with enough people. As someone who studies astrology unironically, I see the value of having compatibility scores based on synastry before swiping on a person. These days, you know a person’s entire Google-able history before going on a first date with them. Understanding someone’s basic astrological profile is just as useful.

*I’m not associated with NUiT and I was not asked to write this review. This is my opinion as someone who uses dating apps and is an astrologer.

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