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21 Ways to Practice Witchcraft From The Broom Closet

Updated: Mar 28

two brooms, the top of a boom, a suitcase and a pair of boots on top of it to represent practicing witchcraft in secret, known as witchcraft from a broom closet, or broom closet witch.
Witchcraft from the broom closet

There are plenty of reasons why folks following an alternative spiritual path might want to keep it under wraps. Spirituality is deeply personal and private. As we find ourselves slipping back into more rigid times, with freedom of self-expression shrinking, more people practicing alternative paths feel compelled to keep it on the down-low for their peace and safety.

Below is a list of ideas for how the closet witch can embed their witchcraft with everyday items. My hope is for this to serve as a valuable resource for those who need it. If you have any additional ideas, I encourage you to share them in the comments section. I’ll add your contributions to the list and tag you to credit your input.

This list is also a reminder that not all of your witchy items need to have a pentagram or the triple moon to be effective. This is not the first time in history that we’ve had to move underground. Some of the most vibrant cultural practices were born from groups of people whose resources were limited to a simple white candle and whatever was available in their backyard. Without further ado: 

1.Use tea candles or scented candles - The fragrance won’t interrupt your working, I promise

2.Create a digital Book of Shadows to keep track of your spells and resources in your pocket. It’s easier to hide and convenient. (You can find a Notion Template here).

3.Opt for ebooks instead of physical books - If you have an outdated tablet that still works but no longer receives updates, you can use an SD card to store ebooks and PDFs as a digital Book of Shadows

4.Express interest in cooking to justify the need for herbs

5.Express interest in gardening to justify always having plants or learning about plants

6.Use water or invisible ink for sigils 

7.Draw sigils on your body with lotion and perfume.

8.Enchant your beauty items  —  nail polish, eye shadow, lipstick, earrings, etc

9.Learn cartomancy using a regular deck of cards instead of using obvious Tarot and oracle decks so you can practice divination out in the open

10.Use any necklace with a pendant as a pendulum for divination

11.Veiling to shield as a fashion statement — You can also use subtle veils, such as headbands or bandanas

12.Program salt lamps to work as protective wards

13.Use Vicks Vapor Rub for protection — because it contains camphor and eucalyptus oil

14.Use color correspondences with intention when picking out your clothes or painting your nails (black for protection, orange for happiness, etc) 

15.Stir coffee with intention to bring in what you want quickly

16.Speak your intentions to your drinks and food before you consume it

17.Cleanse by sweeping your floors often to energetically sweep negativity out of your house. Start from the back of the house and sweep towards the door

18.Clap to cleanse your home as a form of sound cleansing

19.Read out loud often to please and connect with the spirits in the home

20.Keep a snake plant outside of your front door and back door to ward off thieves and evil spirits. You can keep it inside as an air purifier.

21.Lock your energy in with a hair lock (a single, thin braid from the back bottom of your hair.)

Practicing witchcraft discreetly, especially in an era where open expression of alternative spirituality can be challenging, is not only possible but also deeply fulfilling. Remember, the strength of your witchcraft does not lie in overt symbols or tools, but in the intention and energy you put into your practice. The history of witchcraft is rich with examples of resilience and creativity, showing us that even in times of repression, spiritual practices can not only survive but thrive.


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