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The Step Your Glamour Spell Is Missing

Because of the word “glamour,” people assume that glamour magic is only about beauty spells. While beauty spells do fall under this umbrella, glamour magic refers to workings that affect appearance and perceptions. It’s about creating an illusion.

Most people imagine glamour spells as veils that hide what’s underneath. The spell designs the veil. Because of this, practioners skip to designing and applying the veil and miss one important step.

Let’s say you have black or dark brown hair and you want to dye it fire engine red. If you were to take the common glamour magic approach, you would apply the dye straight onto your dark hair. The result would be a red color that is hardly visible unless you’re in the right lighting. Sure, it’s red, but the dark color underneath is dilutes it, making the dye unconvincing. And nowhere near fire-engine red. Just a weak red.

The correct approach would be to bleach the dark hair before applying the dye. This is the act of erasing the color that conflicts with the one you’re trying to show the world.

Another example is if you wanted to paint a wall blue. You would first apply white as a primer. The white is “erasing” the original wall color to provide a clean canvas for the end color.

All of this to say, if you’re doing glamour magic spell, don’t forget to “erase” what’s underneath the veil.

For example, if you’re going to perform a glamour to appear to be the perfect candidate for a job, do a banishment or invisibility spell for the traits that would disqualify you from the position first. This way, the trait you want them to notice shines brighter.

On the contrary, if you want to use an invisibility cloak spell in order to pass by unnoticed, do a spell to dim the traits that usually make you stand out. Then apply the shield, or veil, over you. If you enjoyed this post, subscribe to my newsletter for more occult content or consider showing your support by buying me a coffee.


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