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Tarot Card The Fool Meaning Gem Blackthorn.png
Keywords (upright)

Confusion, illusion, intuition, subconscious, dreams, mystery, uncertainty, intuition, hidden emotions, cycles, reflection, psychic insights, creativity.

Keywords (reversed)

Release of fear, clarity, revelation, facing reality, repressed emotions, unveiling the truth, overcoming illusions, emotional healing, coming out of the dark, mental clarity.



General Meaning

The Moon in Tarot often represents illusion, intuition, and navigating through uncertainty. Its presence can indicate a time where not everything is as it seems, suggesting the need for intuition and clarity.

Love Meaning

The Moon in a Love Reading in the Upright Position:

Uncertainty in Relationships: The Moon can indicate a period of uncertainty or confusion in a relationship. There might be misunderstandings or things that are not being communicated.

Hidden Feelings or Secrets: It might suggest that there are hidden emotions or secrets that are yet to come to the surface, which can cause anxiety or unease.

Intuition in Love: The Moon advises trusting your intuition when it comes to matters of the heart. It’s important to pay attention to dreams and what your subconscious might be telling you about your relationship.

The Moon in a Love Reading in the Reversed Position:

Revealing of Truths: When reversed, The Moon can indicate that truths are beginning to emerge in a relationship. Things that were once unclear may now start to become more apparent.

Overcoming Fear: It can also suggest that you or your partner are starting to overcome fears or insecurities that have been affecting the relationship.

Less Confusion: There might be less confusion now, but it’s still important to communicate openly to ensure that both partners are on the same page.

Money Meaning

The Moon in a Money Reading in the Upright Position:

Financial Uncertainty: The Moon suggests a time of financial uncertainty. Be cautious with investments and financial decisions, as things might not be as they appear.

Hidden Risks: It warns of potential hidden risks in financial endeavors. Due diligence and careful consideration are advised before proceeding.

Trust Your Gut: Listen to your intuition regarding money matters. If something feels off, it’s worth taking a closer look or seeking advice.

The Moon in a Money Reading in the Reversed Position:

Clarity in Finances: There may be more clarity coming into financial matters. Confusions or hidden aspects of your financial situation may start to clear up.

Understanding True Value: You might start realizing the true value of different financial opportunities or the real cost of something you are considering investing in.

Resolution of Deception: If there has been deception or misunderstanding regarding money, this may be the time when it comes to light and can be resolved.

Yes or No Meaning

The Moon in a Yes or No Reading in the Upright Position:

Maybe: The Moon doesn’t give a clear yes or no answer, reflecting its nature of uncertainty. It suggests that you might not have all the information needed to make a decision or that it’s not yet the right time to proceed.

The Moon in a Yes or No Reading in the Reversed Position:

Maybe, with Caution: Even when reversed, The Moon suggests that while things may be becoming clearer, you should proceed with caution. It’s not a definitive yes or no, but conditions are improving for making a decision.

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