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Tarot Card The Fool Meaning Gem Blackthorn.png
Keywords (upright)

Romantic, chivalrous, imaginative, sensitive, idealistic, messenger of love, artistic, dreamer, graceful, proposals, invitations, following one's heart, introspection, emotional pursuit, poetic.

Keywords (reversed)

Overly emotional, unrealistic, moody, avoidant, escapism, disappointment, infidelity, fantasy-prone, fickleness, insincerity, daydreaming without action, missed emotional opportunity, seduction without sincerity.



General Meaning

The Knight of Cups is often regarded as the romantic dreamer of the Tarot deck. He is passionate, creative, and wears his heart on his sleeve. The Knight embodies the pursuit of ideals, especially in the realms of love and passion.

Love Meaning

Knight of Cups in a Love Reading in the Upright Position:

Romantic Proposals: An offer or gesture of love is coming your way or you may feel compelled to make one.

Charming Lover: Encountering someone who is romantic, charming, and wears their heart on their sleeve.

Pursuit of Love: Actively seeking a deep emotional connection or romantic relationship.

Dreamy Love Phase: A period in a relationship where everything feels dreamy, poetic, and idealized.

Knight of Cups in a Love Reading in the Reversed Position:

Unrealistic Expectations: Expecting too much from a romantic situation or being too idealistic about love.

Fickle Lover: Someone who is inconsistent in their affections or easily swayed by emotions.

Avoiding Emotional Commitment: Hesitating to dive deep into emotional waters or commit to a relationship.

Money Meaning

Knight of Cups in a Money Reading in the Upright Position:

Pursuing Passion Projects: Following one's heart in a business venture or project, even if it's not the most practical choice.

Generosity: Feeling compelled to give or share out of genuine love and passion.

Intuitive Investments: Trusting one's gut or feelings about a financial opportunity.

Knight of Cups in a Money Reading in the Reversed Position:

Impulsive Spending: Making impulsive or unwise financial decisions based on fleeting feelings or desires.

Unrealistic Financial Dreams: Dreaming big without laying the groundwork or understanding the realities of a financial situation.

Avoiding Financial Responsibility: Letting emotions get in the way of handling financial matters responsibly.

Yes or No Meaning

Knight of Cups in a Yes or No Reading in the Upright Position:

Yes: Especially in contexts related to emotional endeavors, pursuits of passion, or following one's heart.
Knight of Cups in a Yes or No Reading in the Reversed Position:

Proceed with Caution: Emotional turbulence or unrealistic expectations might cloud the situation, so it's best to be wary.

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