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Keywords (upright)

Justice, fairness, balance, truth, equality, legal matters, accountability, integrity, decisions, impartiality, moral clarity, making amends.

Keywords (reversed)

Injustice, imbalance, unfairness, legal issues, bias, dishonesty, avoiding accountability, injustice prevailing, legal complications, lack of integrity, inequality.



General Meaning

Justice in Tarot symbolizes balance, fairness, and truth, typically representing the need for ethical conduct, fair dealings, and the understanding that actions have consequences, both in upright and reversed positions.

Love Meaning

Justice in a Love Reading in the Upright Position:
Fairness and Balance in Relationships: In love, Justice signifies the importance of fairness, balance, and equality in a relationship. It encourages honest communication and mutual respect.

Decision-Making in Love: This card may also indicate a significant decision to be made in a relationship, emphasizing the need for thoughtful and fair judgment.

Karmic Relationships: It often reflects the law of cause and effect in relationships, suggesting that actions and decisions will have their fair consequences.

Justice in a Love Reading in the Reversed Position:
Imbalance or Unfairness: When reversed, Justice may suggest imbalance or unfairness in a relationship, where one partner may feel unjustly treated or neglected.

Avoidance of Accountability: It can also indicate a situation where someone is avoiding taking responsibility for their actions in a relationship, leading to unresolved issues.

Misjudgments in Love: This position often warns of misjudgments or poor decisions in love matters, advising a need to reconsider and seek clarity.

Money Meaning

Justice in a Money Reading in the Upright Position:
Fair Financial Dealings: In financial contexts, Justice represents fairness and integrity in financial dealings. It suggests legal matters or contracts will be handled equitably.

Karmic Financial Consequences: This card indicates that financial decisions and actions will have their fair consequences, emphasizing the importance of honesty and ethical conduct in money matters.

Important Financial Decisions: It may also signal a significant financial decision or legal judgment that requires careful consideration and fairness.

Justice in a Money Reading in the Reversed Position:
Financial Unfairness or Legal Issues: Reversed, Justice can point to unfairness or dishonesty in financial matters. It may indicate legal complications or disputes.

Lack of Accountability in Finances: It warns against unethical financial practices or avoiding responsibility in financial dealings.

Poor Judgment in Financial Matters: This position suggests poor judgment or biases in financial decisions, cautioning against unfair or unethical approaches.

Yes or No Meaning

Justice Meaning in a Yes or No Reading in the Upright Position:
In a Yes or No reading, the upright Justice generally suggests a 'Yes', but it's a conditional 'Yes' based on fairness and ethical considerations. It indicates a favorable outcome if actions have been just and honest.

Justice Meaning in a Yes or No Reading in the Reversed Position:
In the reversed position, Justice leans towards a 'No', suggesting that a situation may not be favorable due to unfairness, dishonesty, or a lack of accountability.

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