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Tarot Card The Fool Meaning Gem Blackthorn.png
Keywords (upright)

Transformation, change, endings, rebirth, transition, growth, letting go, release, renewal, liberation, new beginnings, shedding the old.

Keywords (reversed)

Resistance to change, stagnation, fear of transformation, holding onto the past, unfinished business, avoiding endings, reluctance to let go, delays in progress, refusal to release.



General Meaning

The Death in Tarot is a card of profound transformation and change, typically representing the end of one phase and the beginning of another, the process of letting go, and the necessary transition that leads to renewal and rebirth.

Love Meaning

The Death in a Love Reading in the Upright Position:

Transformation in Relationships: The Death card signifies major transformations in relationships. It suggests an end to old ways and the beginning of a new phase in love life.

Letting Go of the Past: It often indicates the need to let go of past attachments or outdated patterns in relationships, making way for new and healthier dynamics.

Renewal and Rebirth: Although it may initially seem daunting, this card can signal the start of a rejuvenating period in love, where old bonds are released, and new connections are formed.

The Death in a Love Reading in the Reversed Position:
Resistance to Change: When reversed, the Death card indicates a resistance to the necessary transformations in a relationship. It suggests holding onto outdated attachments or fears.

Stagnation in Love: This position may reflect a phase where relationships feel stagnant or stuck due to an unwillingness to evolve or let go.

Delayed Endings: It can also imply delayed endings or transitions in relationships, where necessary changes are postponed, prolonging discomfort or unhappiness.

Money Meaning

The Death in a Money Reading in the Upright Position:
Financial Transformation: In terms of finance, the Death card represents significant changes. It could indicate the end of one financial phase and the beginning of another.

Letting Go of Old Financial Habits: This card advises releasing outdated financial habits or strategies, making room for new approaches that are more suited to current circumstances.

Renewal of Financial Strategies: It often points to the need for a fresh perspective on money management, suggesting that old methods may no longer be effective.

The Death in a Money Reading in the Reversed Position:
Resistance to Financial Change: When reversed, the Death card suggests a reluctance to adapt to necessary financial changes, possibly due to fear or comfort with the status quo.

Financial Stagnation: This position may indicate a period of financial stagnation, where growth is hindered by an unwillingness to adjust or take risks.

Delayed Financial Transitions: It can also mean delayed financial transformations, where necessary shifts in financial planning or career choices are postponed.

Yes or No Meaning

Death Meaning in a Yes or No Reading in the Upright Position:
Upright Position: In a Yes or No reading, the upright Death card usually suggests a 'Yes', but it's a 'Yes' to change and transformation. It indicates that moving forward often requires letting go of the old to make way for the new.

Death Meaning in a Yes or No Reading in the Reversed Position:
In the reversed position, Death leans towards a 'No', implying resistance to change or an inability to move forward due to clinging to the past or fear of the unknown.

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