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PINDER: A Dating Site for Pets (Supposedly)

Updated: Sep 23, 2022

Is it puppy love or PR? A new dating site is making the rounds in the media. It’s called Pinder and it’s being marketed as a dating site for lonely pets.

The name is an obvious play on the dating app Tinder. Instead of humans, the users swipe left and right on pictures of pets. Specifically, pets in costumes.

That’s because this supposed dating site is actually a costume contest put on by the Pet Costume Center. The site is only allowing pictures of pets in costumes until October 31st. While that implies that the site will continue past Halloween, the fact that this dating site does not have an app or any social media handles, that is unlikely. Let’s also consider the nature of their business: costumes.

As a fellow public relations professional, I admire this campaign. There is no shortage of proud pet parents just looking for a reason to show off pictures of their pups. (And single people do tend to have pets.) To its credit, the site does give people the option to create an account, upload pictures of their pets, and match with other pups. I just wouldn’t expect this site to last past Halloween.


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