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Book Review: Pure Magic by Judika Illes

Updated: Mar 29

I’m back with another witchy book review. Autumn is here, but the pursuit of occult/esoteric knowledge is year-round, baby.

Today we’re talking about Pure Magic by Judika Illes. It is a comprehensive guide to spellcasting that is both practical and accessible to beginners and experienced spellcasters alike. The author set out to create a spellcasting primer that focuses on the practical aspects of magic and succeeds in doing so.

Readers will find a plethora of individual spells, as well as specific advice on how and where to practice magic, how to use words of power, and how to cleanse, protect, and enhance your magical self. This is what I would consider the foundation of witchcraft, regardless of the path you choose.

The book emphasizes the importance of becoming aware of the natural rhythms, energies, powers, and patterns of Earth and her diverse inhabitants, and provides a step-by-step plan for constructing your own spells and experiencing magic in your everyday life (because magic is more subtle than you may think).

The diversity of spellwork presented in Pure Magic is impressive, drawing from a range of traditions including hoodoo, Celtic, Norse, and more. (I would urge readers to use common sense when approaching practices outside of their own culture.) The book also includes herbal recipes for space cleansing, providing readers with a refreshing mix of natural products for refreshing their space.

The new edition features a forward by Mat Auryn, the author of Psychic Witch. (I often joke that he is the busiest witchy writer in the world because he’s featured in so many new witchy publications and re-prints.) I respect Mat Auryn’s wisdom and knowledge of witchcraft, so if it has his stamp of approval, it tends to have mine.

Overall, Pure Magic is an essential read for anyone interested in exploring the world of magic. The book is great for absolute beginners, providing enough information to help readers find their own path. However, it is also a resource for more experienced spellcasters, who will appreciate the book’s comprehensive approach and diverse range of spells and formulas. Highly recommended.


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